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HybridOX Automation's

Automatic Compact molecular testing & detection system

A MOLECULAR Testing company involved in multiple disease identification has approached HybridOX Automation LLP in confidence and provided necessary input to associate with them for short-term to develop a technology contained in a crate having capabilities to Successfully identify the Diseases associated with DNA, Viral Infections, and many more.

During that period, Covid-19 infection spread worldwide. The company, later on, suggested HybridOX Automation divert the research and development to also detect the Active covid-19 infection in the human body hence hybridOX Automation's personnel, later on, came up with technology that can detect multiple diseases as well as covid-19 disease.

HybridOX Automation triumphantly designed and developed the machine and submitted the technology to the company which is now a big player in the market of biotech and biomolecular disease detection industry.

"Fun part of designing the machine was its failure on R&D stage and the need to make it in limited in dimensions, the team worked hard and we came up with a satisfactory solution to help humanity in all possible means."

Mr. Adkar (Chief Project designing officer)

Note: HybridOX Automation has sturdy respect for the verbal or agreement-based commitment to the information provided by the clients in confidence moreover HAL has signed a Non-disclosure agreement with the company hence the details of the project can not be elaborated on a digital platform or with an individual personally.