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HybridOX Automation's

Automatic Mass Production solution for textile industry

Know the case:

During the time of the covid-19 Outbreak, HybridOX Automation Received a mail from a Rajasthan-based textile Company regarding their factory automation. Due to the labor shortage during that period, the company was facing serious production issues. that's when we came into the picture and sat with the textile company's director and took their input to eliminate the production issue affected by the shortage of the factory's workforce.

HybridOX Automation initiated the research and came up with an automatic screen printing solution based on PLC, Scada, and HMI that involved a minimum manual workforce. We took the plant's order and deliver it as per their given input to Mr. Billa which later on we implemented on drawing and program and executed as to give them a smart factory with data monitoring and automatic pick and place robotic system.

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