Hybridox automation

HybridOX Automation's

Development of Motion and pressure sensor device for process control industry.


A pioneer in Process control instruments, been in the industry for last 30+ years were planning to transform their technological impact on the market pan India and abroad. M/s. Scientific Devices (Bombay) Pvt Ltd was interested in IoT-based technology which can give them data on basis of their product's functionality as well as making it compact and mobile. that's when HybridOX Automation jumped into the picture and collaborated with this prominent organization for a technology transfer-based project. HybridOX Automation believes that instead of becoming a pioneer in any industry, companies can become more profitable by and combining two things/technology into one or making things/technology compact (lessen in dimension).


We as an R&D Company that enjoys a new technical challenge, found M/s. Scientific Devices (Bombay) Pvt Ltd's offer very interesting of making their technology cloud-based. Within 2 weeks period, we successfully developed a system as per their input/requirement.


"HybridOX automation's support throughout the process is incredibly appreciatable. the technology which we've got by them is now something which is making us unique in the market, our sales team is enjoying selling this product, we hope to work with them soon for developing new things"

Mr. Khan (Technical Director - M/s. Scientific Devices (Bombay) Pvt Ltd)