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Our patent device for precision material handling

Isn't it fascinating to lift 100-180kg on a fingertip??

Tired of finding a skilled operator in this pandemic???

Use our patent one-touch servo-based precision material handling system, currently in use by Hero MotoCorp (Faridabad).

(Patent Application No - India. 201921032809)

Our swift hoist (LWGH100), A patent revolutionary design for precision material handling device is modern equipment that works on a servo-based system & requires less effort than existing lifting systems. It's fast, smooth easy to handle it has one-touch handling.

It is modern equipment that works on servo-based systems. There are many advantages of the swift hoist system on currently used chain blocks and rope hoist. The Swift hoist requires less effort than existing lifting systems. This hoist can be widely used in many different types of industries where the material has to be precisely handled like assembly work etc. It has very well in ergonomics design and is easy to operate with fewer efforts which increases the efficiency of the operator and system.

whether it's a bike/car's engine that needed to be placed in its desired position during the assembly or any heavy chemical reagent that needed to be operated humanly as well as automatically to uplift and pour it to a different position, our hoist assures the precision material handling operation with human as well as machine touch.

Our Machine's operation:

➢ There are no buttons to operate vertical position. To operate a swift hoist by applying pressure on the handle.

➢ There are 3 modes which are handle mode, float mode, sequence mode.

➢ Float mode can be engaged by pressing a button when the load is suspended it can be disengaged by the operating handle.

➢ Sequence mode is engaged by pressing the float mode and sequence mode buttons. This mode is used for similar components where you don’t have to press the float mode it automatically detects components and performs the operation.

Advantages of using our Hoist:

➢ The single hoist can be used on multiple stations.

➢ Various attachments can be hooked as per the requirement.

➢ Virtual vertical limits can be programmed according to the application.

➢ Industrial lifting application.

➢ Pick and place application.

➢ Assembly line.

➢ Machine assembly with various components.

➢ Loading and unloading on a machine like VMC, CNC, Lathe surface grinding machine, etc.

➢ Loading and unloading material from pallets.

➢ Easy to operate.

➢ Precise control over vertical distance and speed.

➢ Variable speed can be programmed according to the application.

➢ Fast and effortless operation.

➢ Can be integrated with the existing material handling system.

➢ Less energy consumption than Air balancers.

➢ Low and easy maintenance.


Watch our video to know more about how Hero motorcorp is using its star performer machine in their bike assembly line.

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