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Ventilator development For biotech industry During Covid-19

M/s. SD PROCESS equipment is a leading Indian manufacturer of specialized Flowmeter / Rotameter taper glass tubes for the industrial, laboratory, and research market sectors. They are highly specialized in-house resources that underpin the production of flow meters, anesthesia tubes, precision bore tubing, and special glass apparatus. SDPE is in a unique position to offer a range of highly specialized and skilled services under one roof to provide the industry with precision glass components. This gives SDPE complete control over quality and tolerances at all stages and means our customers can be sure that their components are produced efficiently, competitively, and to the highest standards.


As one of the leading brands in the biotech industry, we collaborated with M/s. SD PROCESS equipment to develop a compact design that has the functionality of a Digital Ventilator with an oximeter. Though we knew that it already existed in the market, it was an exciting job for us to develop it from scratch and the company personnel's inputs were very crystal clear for us.

within 1 month of time frame, we came with a solution and completed our technology transfer project with SD PROCESS equipment as it was the necessity of time due to the covid outbreak globally.

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