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HybridOX Automation's Recognition

A prestigious honor was given to Mr. Uzair Khan (Founder of HybridOX Automation)...


HybridOX with India's nuclear research center

Presently, HybridOX Automation is working on an automatic machine for India's nu...


HybridOX solution for Crompton greaves consumer electricals limited.

Data recording of any mass-production-based company is very necessary hence we w...


What we working on

Developing a range of in-house Multifunctional robotics arms, capable of serving...

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Why HybridOX Automation?

HybridOX automation is an organization that has combined personnel experience of 100+ years, involved in industrial and as well as embedded-based automation. Technical problem-solving skill is something which is keeping us shining during the pandemic as well as in normal days. Be it an industrial manufacturing issue Or Less automation affecting your production capabilities, HybridOX Automation has all kinds of technical solutions for you to enhance your business and outgrow it through regionally as well as globally.

We have understood that automation is inevitable that's why we have joint hands with industrial revolution 4.0 to witness and be the reason which will be responsible to make a difference in all kinds of industries.

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