Hybridox automation


Automatic Single Head Vial Sealing Machine

An Automatic single head vial sealing machine is used for capping vials and providing hermetic seals to protect the integrity of the drug inside the container. These drugs hold great medicinal value and thus it must be made sure that the contents remain unadulterated. HybridOX Automation brings to you a single head vial sealing machine that operates sealing very effectively. The vial sealing machine has a production rate of up to 50 to 60 vials per minute. The vial sealer machine requires 3 HP of electric supply to operate and has a single-sealing head. The range of vial size that can be accommodated in this machine is between 2 ml to 100 ml. A single head vial sealer machine can allow seal sizes of 13mm, 20mm, 28 mm, & 32mm. The conveyor height is adjustable with the height capable of being changed between 900 and 950 mm.

Left to Right
Production Rate
Up to 50 to 60 Vials/Min.
Electrical Supply
3.0 HP
No. of Sealing Heads
Power Requirement
415 Volts, 3 Phase (4 Wire System), 50 Hz.
Height of Conveyor
Adjustable from 900 to 950 MM
1170 MM (L) x 930 MM (W) x 1750 MM (H)
Net Weight
300 Kgs. (Approx)
Gross Weight
450 Kgs. (Approx)
Vial Sizes
2 ml. to 100 ml.
Seal Sizes
13 mm, 20 mm, 28 mm & 32 mm

Note : We Believe in the client's input and their need for customization is our first priority concerning technicalities hence the aforementioned machine can be customized as per your requirements and input.