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Pharmaceutical Filling Machine - Automatic Eight Head Injectable Liquid Filling Machine with Rubber Stoppering

Automatic Eight Head Injectable Liquid Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine is widely favored for pharmaceutical utilization as it performs the application of filling and stoppering with extraordinary pace and precision. This liquid filler and cap sealer machine is manufactured using the latest technological standards at HybridOX Automation and hence ensures good workability and high output rates. The eight-head liquid filling machine is worth capital machinery. It is a compact machine having a classic finished structure. The liquid filling machine, due to multiple heads, can accommodate diverse shapes and sizes of the bottle that making it highly versatile. It is regarded as one of the effective pharmaceutical filling machines as it has a provision of placing rubber stoppers on top of the container. The rubber stoppering machine makes sure that the containers after being filled from the liquid contents do not get adulterated as it may damage the medicinal value. This pharmaceutical liquid filling equipment allows fill capacity ranging from 0.5ml to 100ml. An automatic liquid filling machine with eight heads has the production rate of attending 180 to 200 vials/min for a fill size of 5ml. The filling capacity can also vary from 0.5 ml to 100 ml. This vial filler and cap sealing machine requires an electric supply of 10 HP and performs the required operation at an accuracy of ± 1 %. The conveyor height of the filling machine for liquids with rubber stoppering is adjustable between 900 to 950 mm. The mechanism employed in the rubber stoppering machine is a rotary type and different stopper sizes that it can accommodate are- 13mm, 20mm, 28 mm & 32 mm. 8 syringes can be used at a time in the automatic liquid filling machine with eight heads and they are available for different fill volume, namely- 0.5 ML to 2 ml, 2 ml to 10 ml, and 10 ml to 50 ml.

Left to Right
Production Rate
Up to 180 to 200 Vials/Min. (For 5ml. fill size)
Fill Capacity
0.5 ML to 100 ML ( Up to 50 ML single dose & for 100 ML double dose)
± 1 %
Electrical Supply
10 HP
Power Requirement
415 Volts, 3 Phase (4 Wire System), 50 Hz.
Height of Conveyor
Adjustable from 900 to 950 MM
3500 MM (L) x 1538 MM (W) x 1638 MM (H)
Net Weight
1200 Kgs. (Approx.)
Gross Weight
1450 Kgs. (Approx.)
Type of Rubber Stoppering
Rotary Type
Syringes available for Different Fill Volume
0.5 ML to 2 ML, 2 ML to 10 ML, 10 ML to 50 ML
No. of Syringes
08 Nos.
Fill Sizes
0.5 ml. to 100 ml.
Vial Sizes
2 ml. to 100 ml.
Rubber Stopper Sizes
13mm, 20mm, 28 mm & 32 mm

Note : We Believe in the client's input and their need for customization is our first priority concerning technicalities hence the aforementioned machine can be customized as per your requirements and input.